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Are you ready to getting rock by Play8oy ? It is getting popular and popular by now since it was launched. Looking for an online casino that can make your day? We provide the most thrilling games ever in Play8oy . We have all those trending and popular casino games in one application,Play8oy, which include Monkey Thunderbolt and Three Kingdoms. we provide games from Monkey Thunderbolt to Three Kingdoms. Live Casino that have many mini games are also provided in Play8oy!

Play8oy casino is currently the most new fashioned and modern theme games in among the online casino games. Play8oy has the theme of purple disco in the default that brings a passionate and younger spirit atmosphere to all the players. Being attracted by the feature of Play8oy? Head to our live chat to ask for assistance for registering a Play8oy's game ID now, since it is free of charge. You could also find the free top up service from our customer service.

Download Play8oy casino now and enjoy the services from our customer service! Our customer service team are ready to solve your satisfaction!

Installation Guideline in IOS device:

Step 1: Google search on “ play8oy”.


Step 2: Select “download” to access the download page.


Step 3: Select “IOS Version” to start the download.


Step 4: After you clicked the IOS file, it will pop out an installation permission. Click “Install” from the permission.


Step 5: Wait for the installation process to be completed.


Step 6: The app will appear on your default screen after your download has completed. However, you might not complete the file installation in your device, due to the disable from an external source. Therefore, it will show a notifiaction that ask you to trust the developer for download. Click “Cancel” from the notification.


Step 7:Open the Settings on your device, and go to General.


Step 8: Scroll down to the bottom page and select “Device Management”.


Step 9: Click on "Epson (China) Co....".


Step 10: Then, select "Trust Epson (China) ...." to enable the download from an unknown source.


Step 11: Select “Trust” again on the reconfirmation notification.


Step 12: Play8oy is now been verified.


Tap on the app and enjoy the Game…



☎️Contact Play8oy?

- If you need help on our games, service, register, top-up, withdraw you can contact us via Live Chat, Telegram, and Whatsapp. We are working non stop 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

🎰What is Play8oy?

- When you start using Play8oy betting, start playing at the most amazing online casino in Malaysia. Given the variety of options offered by Play8oy Casino, players will have many options. Regardless of your gambling preferences, you will definitely find something that suits your gaming needs in many ways.

✔️What is the terms and conditions to join the games?

– We have a standard requirement in this industry. Everyone who wants to join our casino must has over the age of 21, only then they are eligible to join as a member of our casinos.

🤔Isn’t safe to play Play80y?

– All players, don’t worry about the copyrights. We are truly get the apk and contents source from authorized and verified vendors. The game is managed under a high security system and your account will be not shown in public (private mode). Any question about management you want to ask, don’t be shy and contact our Customers Support.

🎰How PC can perform any download of Play8oy?

– Play8oy has the file for pc downloaders, Go to for searching pc downloads.

✔️How to withdraw the credit?

– You can contact our Customer Support, tell us the amount of credit that you want to withdraw and the bank account that you want us transfer to. The withdraw procedure usually take 3-5 minutes to complete.