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All of our casinos have a FAQ section on their Game Lists page. However, you can find the simplified answers that you might want to know from here.

What is website about? is actually a casino website that is developed by a group of professional casino agents. All of our casinos collected are illegal and licensed from the direct vendors. You can find several popular and trending casinos from this website.

How to become a member of the casino?

There are approximately 12 casinos in our website. Therefore, you may register for one of the casinos here from our customer service. Of course, you are also welcomed to join all of the casinos that we provided. To register, please follow the steps below:

  1. Contact our customer service and tell them which casino you wanted to join.
  2. Provide our customer service your personal details as (your name, phone number and bank account) for registration.
  3. Your personal details given have been recorded and you have sucessfully get a free game ID for the casino that you wanted to play.

How to top up credits into my game ID that is registered?

After you have joined our casino, you have to top up at least RM30 into your game ID, only then you have balance to place your bet in the games in the casino. To top up, kindly refer to the following steps:

  1. Contact our customer service and provide them your game ID and the amount that you like to top up.
  2. Get our bank information from our customer service
  3. Make the payment via cash deposit transfer or online transfer to the bank account given.
  4. Send the receipt to our customer service after you have completed the payment.
  5. We will top up the amount into your game ID, after your payment is verified.

How to withdraw the credits from my game ID?

All of the amount that you won from our casino will be saved in your game credits. You can withdraw the amount by contacting our customer service. However, please note that our minimum withdrawal is RM50. If there is RM50 in your game ID and you would like to withdraw it, send our customer service your game ID and the amount that you'd like to withdraw. After customer service will automatically bank in the amount into your bank account provided upon the registration.

Are the casinos available to be downloaded in any of the devices?

No, we launched the casinos in different versions that to be downloaded only in the supported devices. Therefore, players can only download the game file according to their type of devices. For example, if you are using iPhone, please search for the casino that is launched in IOS version from our download page.

How to download the casino in my Android device?

Downloading the casino in your android device is simple and straight forward. You just have to go to our download page and browse for the casino that you want to download. In the download page of the specific casino, click the Android version of apk file to start downloading.

How to download the casino in my iPhone or Ipad?

Downloading the casino in your iPhone is way more complicated. You have to enable the download from an unknown source via changing the Settings in your phone, only then you can start downloading the casino in your iPhone.

Settings>>> General>>> Device Management>>> Trust Developer>>> Download the casino's IOS verison.

If you still do not know how to download the casino in your IOS device, kindly refer to the guidelines provided of the selected casino that is listed from the Casino Games menu.