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MEGA888 is an online gaming platform available to give you the best gaming experience. It works as apk files for Android devices and iOS (both 64bit and 32bit). Log in to our website to download the application to your mobile devices.

Mega888 is a platform game which provides the best ever casino games to all players. There are more than 100 slot machine gameplay and many kind of table games in this Mega888. The graphic of the mini game in Mega888 which players can enjoy more challenging experience with playing in high resolution. Currently, the most of the players visited in Mega888 are from Malaysia and Thailand. The probability of returning players enjoy game Mega888 is slightly high as it gives chances of winning jackpots, are very accurate and high. Players are not getting disappointed with Mega888.

There are many games which can be found in the Mega888, example, 5 fortune, 10000 Da Shen Nao Hai, 7 Crazy, African Wildlife, 8-Ball Slot and Aladdin Wishes.


You do not want to miss this great opportunity! MEGA888 has been designed to be very user friendly.;-)


Mega888 Mini Game List





Installation Guideline in IOS device:

Step 1: Google search on “ live22”.


Step 2: Select “download”.


Step 3: Select “IOS Version” to continue download.


Step 4: Click “Install”.


Step 5: Wait for the process is complete.


Step 6: After you click in, approach “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”. Click “Cancel”.


Step 7: Enter the “setting” the select “General”.


Step 8: Scroll and select “Device Management”.


Step 9: Click on "Epson (China) Co....".


Step 10: Select "Trust Epson (China) ...."


Step 11: Select “Trust” once again.


Step 12: Mega888 is now verified.



☎️Contact Mega888?

- If you need help on our games, service, register, top-up, withdraw you can contact us via Live Chat, Telegram, Whatsapp we are working non stop 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

🎰What is Mega888?

- Mega888 is a game platform which provide players with the best online casino experience. There are more than 100 slot machine and table game in this Mega888 app. The graphic of the gameplay which can experienced by players are very high resolution and looks fantasy looking. This app is famous in Customer Service providing good service and received many positive feedback from many players. Mega888 is very popular in Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, Singapore and Thailand.

Different categories contain different gameplays. As example, slot game are mostly been played with players buying the lines which have higher chance for winning the jackpots. Table game has many kind of gameplays which must play on the table, like texas poker, baccarat, roulette and blackjacks.

✔️How to play Mega888 in PC?

– Mega888 only available in mobile version. If you really want play with the pc, you must download an app for supporting in opening the apk files. You can refer the information below for guiding you to download and play in pc or laptop.

💥Download in PC guideline:

1. Install emulator in your pc (we recommend NOXPlayer as it is safe).

2. Open NOXPlayer and directly open browser go to

3. Download the Android apk and follow the steps of Android.

4. Have fun.

⚠What are the rules and regulations on joining this games?

– Only 21 years old and above citizens are welcomed to enjoy the online casino games. You may go to our Customer Support for registering an account by giving your name and phone number.

🤷‍♀️If no any credit left in account, how can I do?

– The first thing you have to do, is contact our Customer Support. We are 24 hours ready to serve you. All you need is top-up credit. Provide your phone number or name or game ID and amount you want to top-up. After done the payment, please send us the payment slip or receipts to us for making approval for credit the point. Once verified, the game credit will automatically top-up into your game ID. The service we do the best of all.

🤑How can I withdraw the credit from the game?

– You can contact our Customers Support through Wechat, Whatsapp or online chat box, to tell the amount that you want to withdraw.